One Hot Mama



I used to hang out in my mom’s bedroom when I was a kid and watch as she finished getting ready to go out… putting on stockings, lipstick, asking me which shoes I liked best. She has always been a rare blend of feminine fashionista and masculine car-loving fix-anything-and-do-it-better-than-the-men kind of gal. And she has always been a beautiful, dare I say sensual, woman. Basically, I had the coolest mom on the block. So it didn’t surprise me that she was up for it when I suggested a photo shoot for her birthday.

That’s right, my mom did a boudoir photo shoot for her XXth birthday, and darn it – I am so proud of her and honored to have enough of a gift to capture this for her.

We planned a studio shoot with a few wardrobe changes (my mom brought eight thousand outfits, but we only had time for a few), and I called a few of her closest girlfriends to come to the studio after our shoot as a little surprise party, to share champagne and cupcakes and toast mi madre.

The shoot was hysterical and fun – laughing at ourselves is one thing my mom and I do often and do well together. When her girlfriends showed up, we popped a lot of corks, made fun of my non-existent baking skills, discussed men, got tipsy, just about peed our pants laughing, and began planning their upcoming downtown boudoir party… My mom’s friends are great girls – and one in particular is downright raunchy! So I look forward to that photo party soon!

Thank you ladies, for helping me celebrate my mom’s 43rd birthday and to honor the brilliant sexy wonderful fun-loving up-for-anything mom of mine. And mom, thank you for being you – the coolest mom on any block. PS. Thank you for those good genes!


Mom sure loves her Almond Champagne!…





This is one of my favorites, because it’s so her…


Okay, this one is my favorite – my mom makes this expression several times a day…





LOVE this!… Yes, that’s one of the sad little cupcakes I made, but I think the matchbook makes up for it :))


Please leave my mom some bday love in the comments!… Happy Birthday Sandina!