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oooh la la

Just a little sneak peek at the pin-up PEEP SHOW we have in store for you this weekend 🙂

Have a great night!

…and may it involve tassels!

x. Christa

Wisteria and Sunshine

Have you seen the movie Enchanted April? It’s one of my favorite English Italian movies – I have a whole list! This one’s a chick flick about a group of British women who escape their dreary lives and the London rain for a season of paradise at a villa in Italy that promises “lots of wisteria and sunshine.”

Now, if you’ve been to a beautiful Italian villa during Spring, then you know that promise is true. Here are a few shots around the streets of my own little corner of paradise where I stay when I’m in Florence. Enjoy the wisteria and sunshine!

I’m getting so excited for my summer trip to Italy, starting on Monday – yay! and I am going to be shooting a plethora of nudes in and around the villa, so stay tuned for all that deliciousness on the blog soon!

Quick Announcement:
There are ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT for my NUDE PHOTO WORKSHOP & RETREAT in Italy! Sept 4th – 9th at my villa in Firenze! Read all the JUICY DETAILS and REGISTER NOW!

Sorry fella’s, this Retreat is for WOMEN ONLY 🙂

lots of love & nudity,

x. Christa

Good Kitty Cat

It was just another day on set with a good little kitty cat. Most of the morning was spent feeding.
Awwww how cute. Until…

…this happend…

…and suddenly this little kitty becomes less kitty and more TIGER!…

…that’s okay, a good cub owner can quickly turn the tables and a “cat & mouse” game ensued…

…after a morning of feeding and fun & games, it was time to show our sexy stripes!…

MeeeeeOW! Awww, good kitties. Enormous thanks to Mr. David Yang for setting up this fab & fun shoot.

To check out embarrassing behind the scenes shots of me being silly with a tiger cub (like this one) and shots that didn’t make it to the blog, be a cool cat and LIKE my FACEBOOK Fan Page.

Thanks gorgeous,

x. Christa


Hello Hotstuff No. 2

It’s bikini season! And now’s the time to hit the great outdoors for some hot & fun summer fitness! You’ll be a step ahead with the strong and spirited Liz DiAlto as your trainer! Here’s part 2 from our recent fitness photo shoot…beating the heat in NYC’s Battery Park.

Liz is a phenomenal nutrition specialist and coach as well. Plus she’s just so darn silly – you gotta love her!

Jeans and a t-shirt, a coke and a smile, laughter and silly dance moves = a super sexy good time 🙂

If you missed the SWEATY SMOKING HOTNESS from yesterday, check out Part 1 with Liz!

More salty and sexy goodness on the blog coming up soon!

x. Christa

Hello Hotstuff!

I’m getting my ass in some seriously sick shape, and I’ve put my backside in good hands 🙂

Enter Liz DiAlto! a woman of integrity, passion, strength and talent for whipping sinners like me into fighting shape. Liz is helping me blast away my hardwon heavyweight pasta belt in Florence earlier this year. (I’d like those 4 months I recently spent in Italy to linger in my mind and heart but not on my hips thank you.)

Liz is genuine strength personified – ie. these pics are UNRETOUCHED. Seriously.

I’ve got my 2nd Annual Nude Birthday Boudoir Photo Shoot coming up in August, so I needed the best of the best to give me an even juicier, higher, rounder, stronger bum! Liz is the expert in glutes – she has a signature class in NYC (which recently received a RAVE REVIEW from the FITist) just for your booty, called As*pire.

Um, Hello! Look at this unretouched As*pire!

If you want a SLAMMING HOT BOD, (like the my gorgeous friend Liz’s here), pause from drooling for a sec and speed click over to Liz’s site to get her 30-day Slamming Hot Bod program (plus you’ll get her killer inspirational newsletter full of no bullshit tips for those of us that need to get fit fast).

I’ll see your sweet bum back here tomorrow for juicy Part 2 of our Fitness Photo Session!

hot hot hot!

x. Christa

Life Lessons From My Dog

My dog turned 5 years old today.  I’m stunned at how time flies by, and normally I don’t post personal stories on my blog, but I’m making a few changes ’round here 🙂 Smart as a whip and a born entertainer, my dog will paw at my laptop when I’ve been working for too long and drop a toy in my lap as a heavy hint. We celebrated his bday in Central Park, and I took some time to think about what I’ve learned from knowing this sweet crazy beautiful soul. We’ve moved about 6 or 7 times in his little lifetime, and yet everywhere we go, Gucci is known as the happiest dog on the block! I think that’s worth taking a look at.

So in honor of his 5th birthday, here are 5 life lessons learned from sharing my days with the most interesting, silly, affectionate, funny, happy, crazy little soul in the form of a stuffed teddy bear, my little dog G.

LESSON 1. Own who you are.
The little man is a toy poodle, 7lbs soaking wet, was born in California and named Gucci. We all know the stigma attached to that. Despite stereotypes, Gucci owns it, struts his stuff with a spring in his step and is unabashadly himself, winning over even the most hardened poodle-hating heart.

LESSON 2. Greet each day with ENTHUSIASM!!
From waking up, going on a walk, getting a treat, meeting a new friend, and chasing a ball… the simplest of moments are treated as INCREDIBLE EVENTS! Every day is worth jumping up and down, smiling like mad, and wagging your tail about.

LESSON 3. Do one thing, do it well.
G fetches balls. Period. And he’s crazy good at it.

LESSON 4. Love the one you’re with.
If you can’t be with the one you love…  whoever you are with is the most awesome fascinating being on earth. And where you’re at, is THE place to be.

LESSON 5. Give people a second chance – they’ll come around.
I’m glad Guccenzo has kept me around this long. There was a time when I wasn’t sure I’d make it as a dog person 🙂 the housebreaking thing was driving me mad, the dog kept eating my flip-flops and peeing on guests… but he stuck with me, I came around, and we couldn’t be happier 🙂

Lots of love and dog licks,

x. Christa and little G.

ps. Bonus tip from Guccenzo: Bark at bigger dogs. It freaks them out :-p

Nude Photo Workshop & Retreat in Italy!

All NEW! For Women Only!
with Christa Meola

Florence, Italy | September 4th – 9th

I am SO FREAKING EXCITED to announce my ALL NEW ITALY WORKSHOP! I designed this event to be an empowering and sensual experience unlike any other! This is more of a RETREAT than a workshop. I can think of few things more fun than getting together a small group of super sexy soul sisters to enjoy a week-long all-inclusive female photo-fest in an Italian Villa. Space is very limited.

This is a unique event & one-of-a-kind learning opportunity! Sleep & eat in a beautiful historic 15th century villa with me as you complete a stunning portfolio, work with fashion models & nude figure models, create beautiful photographs, explore Italy, and eat up & drink in all that LA DOLCE VITA has to offer!

Be inspired by the art, history and beauty of Florence, as we explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Tuscan countryside and the villa’s expansive estate.

Each day will include shoots and focus on a different aspect of photographing women and building a successful business.

You will receive personal coaching from Christa while you shoot and be granted use of all images for your blog and portfolio. Christa will share in-depth info on how to work beautifully with natural light, the art of coaching & posing models, creating high-end sets & styling, creating amazing relationships with clients, pricing, post production, branding & more. Film and Digital photographers of all levels are welcome.

Room and board are included. You will be Christa’s guest at a beautiful historic private villa and enjoy authentic Italian meals and dinners on the town. Think divine combinations: Italian cheeses & antipasto, Butter & Sage Ravioli, pizza & wine, fruit & espresso, chocolate &… well chocolate!

Lastly, can you handle even more sensual awesomeness headed your way?!

As Christa’s gift to each woman…





“Worth every penny. This is the workshop for those who want to stand out in the photography community.”
Allie Lindsey, Temecula, CA

“Best workshop I’ve ever taken!!!! Anyone who asks me I tell them it’s SO worth it! Sign up!”
Shani Barel

“It’s the 1st workshop I walked away from saying how wonderful it was & that it was worth every single penny.”
Stephanie Piscitelli, Bridgewater, MA

“Christa’s workshop blew me away!… an amazing experience!”
Rita Spevak, Chicago, IL

“I had my highest portrait sale ever of $4,700 thanks to Christa!”
Lisa Roah, Orange County, CA

“Best money I’ve ever spent on my business. Period. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”
Erin Nelson, San Francisco, CA

“I more than doubled my income! Attending Christa’s workshop changed my life.”
Robin Hultgren, Walnut Creek, CA

“EPIC!!!! I have a new outlook.”
Melissa Lin Huddlston-Smith, Moreno Valley, CA

“I have been on fire since the workshop! It kicked my creativity and inspiration into overdrive!”
Jill Amanda, Santa Barbara, CA









Siena, Italy!

Let’s be honest. We all have sorely missed the blog posts from ITALIA! I am getting so freaking excited for my summer trip back to Italy, that I’m going into my archives from this past Spring and my days spent shooting/living/loving the Tuscan countryside to share the pics you haven’t seen!

First stop: a classic Tuscan medieval hill town, gorgeous Siena!

The town is built on a series of hills, and it’s so steep that outdoor cafe tables are balanced on stilts!

Doorways everywhere are adorned by Bacchus, god of wine, and chianti bottles in celebration of this region’s overflowing and divine vino rosso!

These were shots I took from the top of the Bell Tower, 505 steps up through narrow stone staircases, but well worth it!

View from the tower of the city’s main center, Piazzo del campo Siena.

Ah, youth!

..and speaking of youth, why are you letting a single more day go by without booking your trip to Italy this summer!!

If ya missed it, peek at all of my Italian pics and stories, including Firenze Street Art, hot Men of Italia, my Villa in Firenze, and a Nude Photo Session with women built out of stone!

a presto!

x. Christa
ps. Keep your eyes peeled to the blog for more of my Tuscan frolicking, including Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, and more from my backyard of Firenze.