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Big strong dads just get me.  Right there. I’m such a sucker for the MVP dad – Fathers who love their family, love their kids, have fun, have a sense of humor, have all the time in the world to spend doing the important things – throwing the kids in the air, carrying the bags, letting them cry on your shoulder, telling their mom that she’s the most amazing woman on earth.  That’s what it’s all about.  Period.

Here’s just a little glimpse at one of my favorite dads in action…


This one is my hands-down favorite. “Me too, me too!!!”


To all the great Dads in the world – thank you!  Thank you for playing along and being strong 🙂



More Madison Madness

People get addicted to shooting with me what can I say :)))  Many of my boudoir women are on their second and third shoots, but none came back as quickly as Madison… who you’ll no doubt remember from last week’s Room Service boudoir sessions Part 1 and 2 at the Biltmore Hotel.  Those pictures brought my little ol’ blog here to record high traffic numbers… and it has stayed up :))  wink wink.

This time we hit the studio and the talented Mr. Jeff Siegel did a phenomenal job with make-up.



Ah, the fun you can have in a chair….


These pics were more about Madison’s love of jewerly and being comfortable in her own skin, relaxed and happy and barely covered.  Whereas the Room Service pics were more hot hotel mistress and part fashion shoot…  Which ones do you prefer?  Anything else you’d like to see… Let me know!

Actually, you will be seeing more – this weekend I’ll be shooting some fine art nudes 🙂  stayed tuned!



Backyard Adventures

Nothing like hanging with your little brother in the backyard gettin into trouble! After capturing some beautiful moments playing and cuddling in the master bedroom, the Coleman family and I ventured out into their backyard, and boy did we have fun!  We fed squirrels, played chase, picked flowers, bounced balls, climbed on garden sculptures and toy cars, held hands, hugged, and just plain out exhausted me!…

I love photographing siblings – there’s no other relationship like it.  Here’s a peek of Part 2 in a series of the Coleman family, who were fabulous hosts of a Photo Party, and received major coverage by me as a big ole Thank You.


This one of the little guy on the right is absolutely my favorite shot I’ve taken recently – I just love how he went to smell the flower and it tickled his face instead!  Don’t you want to just eat him up?


Families just do not get better looking than this!  Or easier to shoot…


Hey, this is what big sisters are for!


Cheek to cheek – so beautiful, it hurts.


Bedtime in Sepia

Pillow fiiiiight! And believe me, the mom did not hold back… lol!  Here is the first in a series I shot for the beautifully blessed Coleman family.  They were hosts of a very fun and successful Photo Party in LA – and it was time to give them the deluxe photographic treatment!… So we spent a couple of days together… at home, playing in bed, the backyard, the beach… and we captured tons of gorgeous, fun and meaningful moments… here’s a small peek:

Bedtime should always include a pillow fight, and cuddling…


telling stories…


rubbing feet and touching toes…




…and should always start and end with a giggle. :)))



Room Service, Part 2

Hello boys! If you didn’t get enough of Madison’s hotel boudoir shoot yesterday – here is a peek inside Room #703.  Whew, M’s got one kickin’ silhoutte!


Can’t you just feel this?!


I don’t know why, but I love this one.  Maybe it’s the look in her eye and the messy imperfect hair…


We just had to do this once we saw that sign in the room…


Well we were all wiped out after that shoot, had a drink at the hotel bar, grabbed dinner at Bottega Louie downtown (my new favorite place), and went to bed early!  Coming up: Beach shoots, Boot Black No.2, albums, fine art, and more…



Room Service

I love hotels. I love luxury.  I love Room Service.  Breakfast in bed.  Big bathtubs.  Bathrobes.  City views.  Late night snacks.  At-your-service staff.  Oh, I can go on and on!!…  Here’s a recent boudoir shoot with Madison at the Biltmore in downtown LA.  It’s her birthday today (Happy Birthday Madison!!), and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate then a boudoir session at a great hotel with your best gal pals 🙂  More to come tomorrow….

“Love in an elevator!… Livin it up when I’m going dowwwwwn!”…. -Aerosmith


I love this historic photo-mural on the wall at the Biltmore… when men were men 🙂


More pics of Madison tomorrow… when we get inside the hotel room!!



…and Baby Makes 3

Well not just yet!… Mr. & Mrs. G are expecting this new little guy or gal to make his/her debut on September 1st!  I spent last Friday afternoon at their beautiful home in Beverly Hills and photographed the lovely Mrs. G while she patiently waits for the arrival of their first child.

Here are a few of my favorites….


…and I even got to feel the baby kicking!

A pregnancy photography session is included in the Brand-Spanking Newborn package – call me up for details!