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Shades of Grey

Sunset hour at the studio is one of my favorite times of day, and I love keeping it simple…




This woman chose to remain unretouched in all the photos above. #RealisBeautiful.

xo, Christa

ps. We show all clients their pictures without retouching, and it’s each woman’s choice whether to keep them that way.

Wildcat Weekend Nudes (NSFW)

I love shooting nudes.
Especially at the Edward Weston estate, Wildcat.
Particularly in natural light.
There’s something so real, simple, earthy, creative, and magical about shooting the naked human figure.
I zen out and focus on line, light, shadow, story.

What do I see? And how do I feel about it?

That’s what I ask with every picture…



I created these pictures at Wildcat while co-leading a Live Nude Photography Workshop with Kim Weston, Ed Weston’s grandson. If you’re interested in future workshops, you can sign up for info here.

Keeping with my real-is-beautiful policy, this gorgeous and gutsy woman remains unaltered and unretouched in ALL of the above (and below) photographs.
Because let’s get real.

Lots of love and nudity,



Please share if you believe #realisbeautiful

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Nude, with Goosebumps & Gold Leaf

A recent session in NYC with a Chicago mom of three. She was inspired by an Esquire cover of Rhianna covered with leaves, but we opted to play with gold leaf…


I love naked simplicity…


More simply natural fine art nudes in the archives, and coming to the blog soon, from California to NYC to Spain!…

Stay tuned,

x Christa

Nude Reflected

Blogging from our beautiful rooftop office in NYC. What a GORGEOUS day out, and a perfect day to share some fine art nudes!

This was one of a three looks we did for a forty-something mom in the studio this Sunday… 




This little set was all natural light, took a total of 15 minutes and was so much fun! If you’re thinking of doing a shoot, whether in front of or behind the camera – it doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful.

Simple = simply gorgeous.

More fine art nudes coming up on the blog soon!

lots of love from the rooftop,


 note: images were cropped for client anonymity.

The Clothesline

What a fabulous week! It was packed with a wonderful variety of shoots… superstar entrepreneurs, family, boudoir and nudes. Whew! I love variety 🙂

Add to it the most gorgeous sunny weather in NYC lately, and I’ve been just skipping through the park. Literally.

Here are a few sunny nudes to match my mood today…

Have a gorgeous weekend!

(I know it’s only Thursday, but I’m getting started early 🙂

Lots of love,


Smoking and Swinging, No. 2

A swing in Tuscany…

…and if you missed Smoking and Swinging, No. 1, you most definitely want to check it out – it’s been a very popular post.

Two quick bits of news for your Monday…

We’re looking for models and non-models of all ages, body types and sizes for my creativeLIVE workshop in Seattle on Feb 10-12! If you’re in the area and want to be photographed by your’s truly, send a quick note about yourself and a few pics to kate @ creativeLIVE.

Oh I’ve avoided adding another online addiction like the plague, but I caved and recently started pinning photos to Pinterest. So if you’d like to check out Lighting I Love, Props I Covet, Rocking Pose Ideas, and other fine art boudoir photography inspiration, come check it out and follow me on Pinterest!

Happy Swinging,


Smoking and Swinging, No. 1

I love a juicy booty!

This week, between Rich Happy & Hot Live (an entrepreneur’s bad ass mega-event), several shoots, Photo Plus Expo in NYC, and friends visiting from out of town – it’s been a whirlwind of inspiration, art, riches, and fun! But I wanted to pause briefly, to share a tantalizing teaser with you from one very lazy sexy cool shoot from Italy.

And if ya missed it, we had such a lively discussion and hot debate on the blog about my recent selection for Pose of the Month!  Hurry on over and check it out!

All of the smoking hot pics from this shoot coming later in the week 🙂

Stay tuned!


ps. I’ve chosen the winner of The Money Shots™ and a complimentary bottle of Grappa from Italy! Check out the Pose of the Month to see the winner!

Bringing out the Best in your Boudoir Client, Part 2 Planning = Success!

I am currently featured on The Photo Life, Pictage’s Pro Photography blog, with my latest article for boudoir photographers.

Here’s an exerpt:

Last edition was of Bringing out the Best in Your Boudoir Client was Part 1: Overcoming Fears and Doubts, and we talked about letting your client know what to expect and making sure she feels you understand her fears and doubts even better then she does.

Now on to the juicy stuff!

Bringing out the best in a non-model, ie. an everyday woman (who is most likely nervous to do a boudoir shoot) entails setting up your shoot for success during the planning stage. Let’s take a peek at how to plan a successful shoot so it runs smooth like buttah.

Make it a Collaboration From The Beginning
Invite your client’s full participation in this experience, which makes it much more meaningful than just a photo shoot and gets her fully invested in the event and the final result. During the initial contact with my client, I like to set us up for success. I make sure to do all of what’s described here for each client – it takes minimal effort truly, and really goes a long way in bringing out the best in each woman as well as juicing up my sales.

Keep reading for ALL MY JUICY TIPS on this topic!

Thanks for stopping by!


A Private Picnic

Autumn is the perfect time to host a lazy afternoon picnic. Find a private spot outdoors, grab your favorite wine & yummies, dress up or down, and soak up all the delicious moments life offers.

And this one is my favorite. My ode to the olive branch 🙂
Thank you to everyone who’s been following the blog and all the fabulous shoots from my Italy Workshop & Retreat. It’s kind of blown up around here, so hello to all the new people too!

I’m so psyched that everyone is downloading and enjoying my latest Boudoir Photography resource –

The Money Shots™

– thank you for checking it out, and I love hearing your success stories, so keep ’em coming!

More saucy pics on the blog all week. Now off to picnic in the park!

xo, Christa


Elegant. Rich. Italian. These shots make me want to get a Missoni bikini! That, an Italian villa and a slicked back ‘do, and I’m all set.

I”m tellin ya – it was a smoking hot summer in Italy this year! Did you miss it?!

Well GET ON THIS LIST so next time we can count you in!

ps. you will also get a free copy of the Pro Photographer Manifesto. BONUS 🙂

See you there!


Opulent Nude

Opulence isn’t normally my style. But when in an over-the-top private estate in Florence, you work it.

The last one is my favorite… printing it for the walls!  What do you think?

More from Paris, Italy, and NYC soon!


Sultry Sunset, Tuscany-style

Sunset in Tuscany is a breathtaking event every night, even from your bedroom window or porch just peering out at the landscape and enjoying some wine. Now if you happen to score a private castle-like villa and sculpture garden with a fantastic nude model — well all the better!

Here are more of my favorites from my recent Italy Workshop that showcase Italy’s stunning light & landscape and the beautiful female figure…

Ah beauty! Italy, cypress trees, stone sculptures, a sunset, 9 of my girlfriends, a beautiful female form, and a camera to capture it all!

It’s all so divine, I can almost forget the swarms of mosquito’s.

Still itching and scratching,

x. Christa
ps. check back for more deliciousness on the blog all week and next from Italia!