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Wildcat, Nude Workshop with Weston and Meola

Left to Right: Photos by Ed Weston, Kim Weston, Christa Meola

I thought the experience on my birthday last year couldn’t be topped! Last August, I had the gift of photographing nudes with Kim Weston at Wildcat, the Weston family estate.  The Weston family’s contributions to fine art photography has been a longtime inspiration for me and has fueled my passion for art, photography, story-telling and the female figure.  So the entire weekend was deeply meaningful to me, and I blogged the pictures in Nudes No. 1, Nudes No. 2, Nudes No. 3, Nudes No. 4, and Nudes No. 5.  The spark ignited that weekend has grown as I continue to enjoy photographing nudes – my latest are posted here, the Viceroy Nudes.

But here’s the crazy exciting news… on August 27th, 28th, and 29th, Kim Weston and I will be co-leading a Nude Photography Workshop together!  At Wildcat.  My mission is to expose portrait photographers to the Weston legacy, fine art photography, and photographing the nude female form… as well as having a hell of a good time!  I’m telling you the Weston’s know how to host a workshop!  Photographing nudes all weekend on the Weston estate, steeped in history and tradition is a unique opportunity for any photographer.  Plus the fireside chats are not to be missed!  Needless to say, I’m so excited for this event and seats are going fast.  Limited to 12 photographers.  Register by contacting

Details for Wildcat Nude:


Tradition at Wildcat
This special Wildcat Nude offers a unique opportunity for students to explore nude photography
alongside Kim Weston and Christa Meola. Participate in a weekend-long discussion about
shooting for both the fine art market and private commissions while learning about the
Weston family’s historic contributions to fine art photography.

Two Photographers, Two Approaches
Kim Weston and Christa Meola.

Two Full Evenings of Discussion
Meet and greet on Friday evening at Wildcat Hill will include an introduction to Christa and Kim’s
work and the Weston legacy.  On Saturday, guests will enjoy a family-style dinner in the Weston
home and a fireside discussion of photography as well as a Q&A.

Two Full Days Photographing Models
Participants will get the opportunity to photograph the nude figure for 2 consecutive days. This
allows plenty of time to get comfortable working with the figure models and gives you the
opportunity to photograph what you might have missed on the first day.

Topics Covered
Telling a story with your photographs
Working with models
Showcasing your work
Getting started in the business
And more…

We will have 4 models present and the class size is kept small, so we have an excellent model
to student ratio. Working in this way we have a maximum of time, space and privacy. If time
permits one-on-one time with models may be arranged.

Locations & Lighting
We will be shooting in multiple locations on the premises. The Weston estate offers
several areas indoors and outdoors, including Kim’s private studio.
All set-ups will be natural light.

What to bring
Participants are encouraged to bring a portfolio of their work for viewing. 5 to 7 finished prints
that have been matted and or presented for easy viewing. Laptop – For those participants
that are interested we like to view the work from Saturday on Sunday morning so please bring
a thumb drive along for easy transfer.

All Levels Welcome
This workshop is open to all levels of experience and any size camera, film or digital is great
for this workshop. Students should bring their own film and equipment and know how to
operate their cameras.

Workshop Fee
$695 per person
Lodging not included.

To Register
Contact or call 310.383.6494
Space is limited to 12 students.

Hope to see you there!

Christa 🙂


Lauren, In the Studio

What a little pixie! Working with Lauren in my studio at the latest Boudoir Workshop was such a pleasure. I couldn’t imagine a better muse!  Everyone adored photographing her and captured stunning images.  Lauren, you’re an awesome mix of super cute, downright sexy, and bendy 🙂  Thank you and I’m looking forward to our next shoot!






Location: Christa Meola Pictures Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Make-up: Gia Lane

I have crazy exciting NEWS to announce this week – stay tuned!

Christa 😉


Viceroy Nudes, No. 2


Vintage styling at the Viceroy… This second set is from a fun shoot that is my favorite blend of fashion, fine art nudes and lifestyle portraiture.




Then we had a little fun with the model’s fringe for a few minutes.  I let her just roll around and play with it, and here’s what she did…




Location: Viceroy Hotel
Hair and Make-up: Miss Gia Lane – thank you Gia!
See Set No. 1 here.

Backlog of seven boudoir models now waiting to be blogged!  Whew.. I’ll get them to you soon 🙂

Have a great Monday,


Viceroy Nudes, No. 1

Some sleek Nudes shot at my latest Boudoir Photography Workshop, shot at The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.  I photographed this same model on the Weston estate last summer for my birthday at Kim Weston‘s workshop.  I couldn’t get enough of her, so I hired her for my boudoir photographers so they can add some fine art nudes to their boudoir portraiture.  Here are a few of my favorites… Set No. 1





PS. busy-busy lately, I’ve got a book coming out: “Exposed! Redefining Boudoir” as well as a summer fully booked with shoots as I prepare to make a move to Europe in September.  Thanks for continuing to stop by the blog, leave a comment, and for all of your emails and calls – I’m posting these for you 🙂 and I love seeing a new brigade of boudoir photographers appreciating femininity in all it’s glory and imperfection 🙂

Wishing you lots of Love & Nudity,