Bringing out the Best in your Boudoir Client, Part 2 Planning = Success!

I am currently featured on The Photo Life, Pictage’s Pro Photography blog, with my latest article for boudoir photographers.

Here’s an exerpt:

Last edition was of Bringing out the Best in Your Boudoir Client was Part 1: Overcoming Fears and Doubts, and we talked about letting your client know what to expect and making sure she feels you understand her fears and doubts even better then she does.

Now on to the juicy stuff!

Bringing out the best in a non-model, ie. an everyday woman (who is most likely nervous to do a boudoir shoot) entails setting up your shoot for success during the planning stage. Let’s take a peek at how to plan a successful shoot so it runs smooth like buttah.

Make it a Collaboration From The Beginning
Invite your client’s full participation in this experience, which makes it much more meaningful than just a photo shoot and gets her fully invested in the event and the final result. During the initial contact with my client, I like to set us up for success. I make sure to do all of what’s described here for each client – it takes minimal effort truly, and really goes a long way in bringing out the best in each woman as well as juicing up my sales.

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