Hello Hotstuff!

I’m getting my ass in some seriously sick shape, and I’ve put my backside in good hands 🙂

Enter Liz DiAlto! a woman of integrity, passion, strength and talent for whipping sinners like me into fighting shape. Liz is helping me blast away my hardwon heavyweight pasta belt in Florence earlier this year. (I’d like those 4 months I recently spent in Italy to linger in my mind and heart but not on my hips thank you.)

Liz is genuine strength personified – ie. these pics are UNRETOUCHED. Seriously.

I’ve got my 2nd Annual Nude Birthday Boudoir Photo Shoot coming up in August, so I needed the best of the best to give me an even juicier, higher, rounder, stronger bum! Liz is the expert in glutes – she has a signature class in NYC (which recently received a RAVE REVIEW from the FITist) just for your booty, called As*pire.

Um, Hello! Look at this unretouched As*pire!

If you want a SLAMMING HOT BOD, (like the my gorgeous friend Liz’s here), pause from drooling for a sec and speed click over to Liz’s site to get her 30-day Slamming Hot Bod program (plus you’ll get her killer inspirational newsletter full of no bullshit tips for those of us that need to get fit fast).

I’ll see your sweet bum back here tomorrow for juicy Part 2 of our Fitness Photo Session!

hot hot hot!

x. Christa