Hotel Tryst + Podcast Interview

This band-groupie bad-girl Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot was so much fun. And even more so because it was with my good friend Claire, who loves dive bars, rockstars and black & white photographs. So here ya go love 🙂

Good news: I’ve got even more great tips in store for you! Recently, the brilliant husband/wife team Phil & Mindy Thornton interviewed me for their hugely popular podcast Shoot to Kill. We covered a lot of FAQ’s and some even deeper questions and issues:

How I got started in photography and in business.
My Top 5 Tips for getting started and the equipment I’d recommend.
3 easy steps to getting that first client.
Special advice for male photographers wanting to get into boudoir.
How I avoid cheesy stereotypes of boudoir and create fine art images. 
The 4 places I draw inspiration from.
Easy tips and tricks for making clients feel comfortable.
What’s my sales process from A to Z.
Best tips for boosting sales. 

So check out my podcast episode and enjoy – it’s very entertaining – and fair warning: it contains EXPLICIT language and nudity – yeah I know it’s audio only, but use your imagination 🙂

Cheers to that and hotel trysts!