Morning Lovin’

There’s nothing like morning snuggling… staying in bed for hours, breakfast in bed, playing, laughing, falling asleep again, telling stories, hugging… Loving.  I could go on and on about how I love spending time in bed and doing shoots in the bedroom… a place we spend a third of our lives.  And if you’re lucky… you’re spending it with the ones you love 🙂


Rocking out!


The baby’s sleepy smile here is such a crack up!


There is so much I love about this series…  The little girl was telling her mom a story, stroking her hair, kissing, hugging… totally cute!  and look at her little feet and hands… so freaking adorable it hurts.


My favorite.  Look at the love and adoration on that little face!  Love, love, love it.


Then this happened – Dad is teaching his daughter “that is not a toy.” Lol!


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Hope you get some morning lovin’ today 🙂