Fine Art Nudes, Sculpture Style!

When was the last time you photographed a 2,000 year old nude? I was in heaven on a recent trek around southern Italy when we stopped at Il Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, one of the more memorable museums that houses hundreds of fascinating artifacts, including amazing ruins from Pompeii (a future blog post) and 2,000 year old sculptures. The guards allowed me to take all the photographs my heart desired, and it was so fantastic to be photographing the nude figure from so many centuries ago!

I was enthralled with Aphrodite, Dresden-Capitoline type. 2nd century AD. I love that this is such a genius and sensual mix of provocative and modest. It’s as if Aphrodite is to appear like she is covering up, but in fact her gestures and emotion betray her bold enjoyment. Or is it just me?



Ah, I love the difference!

Here is Aphrodite, of the Marine Venus-type, with Dolphin. 2nd century AD. I really appreciate her litte belly and ample hips 🙂


x. Christa